PDCOS - Fully Accredited Cut off Saw Training

You can now book yourself onto the Train the Trainer course to deliver The CITB Petrol Driven Cut-off Saw Training Certificate (PDCOS)

Construction Colleges nationwide can now teach Bricklaying Apprentices how to correctly use a Petrol Cut-off Saw. This has happened over the past year with the introduction of new safer support products for the cut-off Saws including the Stihl Brick Jigs that secure and stabilize bricks for safer cutting.

The new CITB Petrol Driven Cut-off Saw Training Certificate (PDCOS) developed by STIHL and SKANSKA has been launched and Train the Trainer courses are being run at various locations across the country.

Trained and safe cut-off saw operators are what the construction industry is demanding. That is one of the key reasons why using a cut-off Saw is being introduced into the SkillBuild Bricklaying Competitions in 2015. Correct and safe use of the saw can be an valuable part of the Bricklaying Apprentices learning and development.

     Tutors and Trainers can book onto the

 Train the Trainer course on-line at:

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